Monday, May 25, 2009


Hey Everyone...and Happy Memorial Day to you!
This is such an incredible day and I pray that all of you will take the time just to thank God for the many blessings that we have today because of the sacrifice of our military. We would not be who we are without them and God has richly blessed us.

Lately, I been trying to come into the full understanding of being IN this world but not OF it. You have to take yourself completely out of the physical realm and live your life in the Spirit. You see, the Earth is not our reality....HEAVEN really have to change your entire perception of life as you know it and have been taught it. This flesh is nothing but an earthly shell to contain the REALITY of who you really are while you're here on the Earth.

All this being said, Ive tried to think about my life through the eyes of God and question myself by using earthly examples through SPIRITUAL insight. So, here we are at Memorial Day where we honor all members of every branch of the military. We honor them for their service and for their dedication to the ideals of freedom, life, liberty and all the other things that this country stands upon. In a sense, we can compare this to us as Christians. The Bible tells us that we are to suit up with the armor of God....this tells us that we are soldiers in his Kingdom. And furthermore, it tells us that there is a battle being waged and we will need protection in order to remain safe.
What if Heaven had a Memorial Day honoring those in the service of our King. Would you be one worthy of honor? Have you been in the service of your King....fighting to uphold all things that are righteous and Holy before our God? Have you been laboring to seek and to save those that are lost OR are you somewhere on the sidelines like a workman not even worthy of his hire?

This isn't a message for you, this was definitely a message for me FIRST! God challenged me with this on this wonderful Memorial day morning, and I pray it challenges you too. Be about the LORD's business....
If you once were but aren't encouraged that the Lord is with you! Get up and get back in the game! Giving up isnt an option and i refuse to leave my fallen on the field of battle! Get up and go in JESUS name!

Hope you guys have wonderful day!

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